Spotlight / Fall 2019

National Hispanic Heritage Month / September


Learn about unique barriers to leaving abusive relationships and accessing help among Hispanic/Latino victims of domestic violence (full-text in CVR’s library).


Review research-based facts about teen dating violence among Hispanic/Latinx youth including prevalence estimates and risk and protective factors.


Check out analyses of data from the National Crime Victimization Survey looking at the risk of violent victimization for young Hispanic/Latinx adults in new versus traditional U.S. settlement areas.


Examine experiences of fraud, coercion, and force among Hispanic/Latinx immigrant trafficking victims (full-text in CVR’s library

National Campus Safety Awareness Month / September


Understand how colleges respond to, prevent, and support survivors of sexual assault with disabilities and the challenges that can emerge when providing accessible services.


Explore this systematic review about the effects bystander programs have on participants’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors concerning perpetration of sexual assault and bystander intervention.

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month / October


Read the first comprehensive evaluation report examining the National Domestic Violence and the loveisrespect help line. For the most recent State and Territory Hotline and loveisrespect reports click here.


Review data from the National Census of Domestic Violence Services which includes counts from over 1,600 domestic violence programs in the United States.


Learn about an innovative technological approach to locating emergency shelter for domestic violence survivors (full-text in CVR’s library).


Check out this report on the detrimental educational, economic, and employment effects of intimate partner violence on the lives of survivors.

National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month / October


Learn about school-based mental health professionals’ efforts to support LGBTQ students and create safer school environments.


Explore the relationship between bullying victimization, levels of educational attainment, and familial factors (full-text in CVR’s library).


Understand how perceptions of school climate, school connectedness, peer attachment, assertiveness, and empathy influence reports of bullying among middle school students (full-text in CVR’s library).

14. NCES

Examine youths’ perceptions of bullying repetition and power imbalance and how these perceptions vary by student and school characteristics.

National Native American Heritage Month / November


Review this study assessing the prevalence of violence and relationship abuse among American Indian/Alaska Native students and the impact of victimization on academic performance (full-text in CVR’s library).


Explore data assessing the number and case characteristics of missing and murdered American Indian and Alaska Native women and girls in cities across the United States.

17. VPSO

Learn about the use of Village Public Safety Officers to enhance the criminal justice response to violence against Alaska Native and American Indian Women in Alaska’s Tribal Communities.


Check out this researcher-practitioner partnership seeking to identify the needs of American Indian women in a domestic violence shelter (full-text in CVR’s library).